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Phythian Street, Blackbrook, St Helens

(Dedicated to all those with names equally mispronounced! )

The Phythian surname has its centre of population in north-west England, and its origin, possibly, in Wales.

I have built up a large archive of the name's occurrences from parish records, civil registers and other public documents, as well as personal communications from others in the clan.

The variants in the past have included: Fidian, Fithian, Phithian, Phithyan and ffidian These also occur frequently on unsolicited mail to me!

Despite my archival studies I am still searching for my great-great-great grandfather's birthplace. My other ancestors are listed on a further page, as are some links to other related sites and a 'Hall of fame & infamy'.

Also my other interests (apart from family history)

If you have any questions, or would just like to drop me a line, please send email to: mick@phythian.org.uk